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Invisible Men was founded to address the severe lack of resources available for transmasculine individuals. Tragically, the recent death of a young transmasculine person named Banko Brown highlights the urgency of our mission. This young person was killed because he was hungry and homeless. We are heartbroken and enraged.
For years, our transfemme community has had access to resources such as specialized housing, medical care, and support organizations tailored to their unique needs. As a transmasculine community, we also require similar resources that address our unique needs. We are often forgotten and excluded from conversations about issues that affect us, such as abortion rights, HIV prevention and treatment, and social services.
This is a call to action to increase awareness of the systemic issues that transmasculine individuals, particularly those who are Black and lack resources, face. We need resources such as emergency housing, reproductive and fertility care, sexual assault assistance, HIV prevention and treatment, and more.
Sadly, incidents like Banko’s death often go unnoticed due to the erasure and misgendering of our community in media reports and other outlets. The lack of support and outcry perpetuates the cycle of invisible violence, stigma, and discrimination that transmasculine individuals face. It is crucial that we come together as a community to advocate for our siblings and demand the resources and support we deserve.
Together, we can create a world where all individuals have access to basic necessities like food and shelter, and where transmasculine individuals are valued and protected. This is a global issue, not just an American one. Join us in raising awareness and showing support for the transmasculine community wherever you are in the world. Please remember to tag others to amplify the message. #JusticeForBanko #SayTheirName #TransMasc #thishastostop
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Our Story

Invisible Men is a TRANS BIPOC LED organization providing much needed support and resources for the transmasc community. Invisible Men is only organization in Los Angeles County specifically for and by transmasculine individuals.

Our platform has been created for Transmen and Transmasculine folks of all walks of life to share their own narratives in their own words. Transmen and Non Binary transmasculine folks of color are unapologetically centered. 

This space is designed as a platform to explore Transmasculine visibility and how we are seen or not, within the community and the world; to main stream society we are almost nonexistent.

Transmen & Transmasculine folks lack resources because of the lack of visibility. We need these spaces to be able to discuss issues, needs, support. We aim to identify and create resources that include emotional support, reproductive justice, medical, and mental health among others.

Our Legacys

Here you will get a glimpse into the world of transmen and Non Binary transmasculine individuals from all around the world. Legacys share their stories and lives with the world and finally be seen. Allies, friends, families, and folks just curious are able to see, hear, and read about the resilience and resourcefulness some our Legacys have had to learn on their own and the ways in which they have had to navigate the world as a Transmasculine person and all the inter-sectional pieces that lie in between.

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