Our Health Matters Too

Few interventions have been developed that aim to address the unique health needs of Trans-Masculine individuals. We are aiming to bring to light these needs and challenges of our community.

Trauma & Mental Health| Silence The Shame

Silence the Shame hosts an in depth panel on navigating the intersection of trauma and anxiety in the LGBTQ+ Community. Thank to Silence the Shame for hosting this panel conversation!

For more info click -> SILENCE THE SHAME

Gaps In Healthcare |The “It” Cast

Trans awareness and gaps in healthcare for trans identified people. At Nika Cherrelles LLC, they aim to educate and empower everyone so they can live at choice through our podcast, #TheItCast. By doing so, we can fight to end gender-based violence, heal past trauma, and bring humanity to the forefront.

For more info click -> The “It” Cast Podcast

HIV Prevention | CHIPTS Regional EHE Meeting

A one-day meeting to develop a multi-county regional response to ending the HIV epidemic in California.

For more info click -> Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS)

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