Gratitude is a Thing

Hey there!

Luckie here, I want make the first entry to be GRATITUDE!

I appreciate all the folks willing to share their journeys and be visible! Hopefully this will be a platform that can help bring visibility to the diversity and beauty of our individual navigation through life and the world. As well it will bring awareness to the unique set issues we face as trans masculine people. I also want to hold massive gratitude and appreciation for all those who have supported this project and those who show support to trans masculine folks all over. For a lot of us we would have had a much more difficult path to walk without those folks who were and still are in our respective corners.

Invisible Men hopes to create a living history of who we are and what our resilience looks like. Once again THANK YOU!

Stay tuned as new topics will be posted once a month about relationships and dating, mental heath, surgery, raising children, and more. In the comments below you will have an opportunity to join in the conversation and/ or ask questions. I only ask one rule be considered: Respect! Ask questions and leave comments with RESPECT.

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