Trans Owned & Operated

Here you will find businesses or products created, owned and / or operated by trans folks. Your welcome!

Heirs & Heiress Cleaning provides commercial and residential cleaning. Currently, they are offering laundry and concierge services as well. They do some amazing work with attention to detail and awesome organizational skill. They are licensed.

TRANS CAN WORK (TCW) is located in Los Angeles, California and is committed to advancing workplace inclusion through innovative training strategies and workforce development. Our tried and true system is based off decades of cumulative experience as transgender leaders working to advance inclusion in the public, private, and non-profit sectors across the country. We are ready to let our experience work for you.

Poetic Apparel is a grassroots company that presents handmade custom clothing for people of all genders and sizes. The Creative Director hand-picks material and designs that straddle the line between unique and classic aesthetics. Each line of clothing are all inspired and never intentionally trendy, unless your custom garment is the catalyst of the trend, in which case, is very trendy.

Beard Butter is in between a beard oil and beard balm; essentially beard balm without the beeswax. This provides a lighter hold than beard balm, yet more than you would get with oil alone. You also get much better moisturizing characteristics on the hair and skin than you get with just oil, without the hardening effect from the beeswax in beard balm.

I use Jojoba, which is actually a wax ester that is similar to your own sebum. Sebum is the oil that secretes from every pore on your body.  You need the sebum to keep your skin moisturized. Jojoba is perfect as a non-clogging agent, since it resembles human sebum. I also incorporate Vitamin E as it contributes to increased blood flow, which makes it easier for facial hair to grow. I have a slew of essential oils to create different scents, but I highly recommend using Cedarwood, Rosemary, and Peppermint oils because they also promote blood flow, keeping hair follicles stimulated and hopefully alive.

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