TM Health Justice: L.A. – Web Report Released April 7th 2021

“This project is led by a core team and volunteers comprised of trans health organizers, researchers, educators, cultural workers, policy advocates, activists, and artists working across Los Angeles County. TMHJ:LA is part of a broader strategy within Gender Justice Los Angeles and includes research and community organizing by and for trans people to advance health justice in California.

Health Justice: Los Angeles (TMHJ:LA) calls attention to serious health inequities impacting Transmasculine people* on Tongva Land (Los Angeles). This report was assembled as part of a research and organizing initiative led by Gender Justice Los Angeles and based on the principles of research justice, healing justice, and collective care. We analyzed findings from the community-generated Transmasculine Sexual Health & Reproductive Justice Survey that engaged 310 participants in Los Angeles County in 2017. This survey remains the single largest effort to understand and respond to inequities facing Transmasculine people in Los Angeles to date.

The health inequities facing Transmasculine people are preventable. Existing inequities are the result of deliberate power structures that impose a gender binary, restrict bodily autonomy, and create dangerous conditions in health care. TMHJ:LA calls for action towards health justice through: community building, cultural organizing, education, policy change, and community-led research. Our report centers Transmasculine Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) who experience health inequities at the intersections of transphobia, anti-black racism, colonization, and xenophobia. We imagine and work for a future where all Transgender, Gender non-conforming, and Intersex (TGI) people can age, heal, evolve, thrive and create families and kinship with dignity. “

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