Nicolas Beatriz Liberatore

Nicolas Beatriz Liberatore, 27yrs old, Trans Non-Binary, Post-Op Top Surgery and Off HRT, Pansexual, Polya – Kinky, They/Them. Born in Margate-Florida, grew up and Lived in Brazil for 10 years. I Speak Fluent English, Spanish & Portuguese and I understand French and Italian. Always involved in LGBTQ+POC Activism/Groups Online & in person/Nonprofits, Nationally and Internationally! Ever since I came back to the USA and started my Journey as a Trans person I have been donating my time off to Serve my fellow Trans & LGBTQ+ folks in Fort Lauderdale (Miami area) by Reaching out Online and in person, such as Support Groups, Pride/TDOR events, Providing information, Education, Safe Housing/Food for those within our Community! Currently Living in Winter Haven-FL. I’ve been trying to built a support group around the area, but COVID happen and its been a Challenging time for all of us to have our basic needs met. Currently Working 2 jobs and a side gig.

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