Naya’Hri N.Z. Suhalia

Pronouns: He/ Him/ His

Naya’Hri N.Z. Suhalia is a pediatric healthcare worker, freelance music journalis and activist of global Black and Indigenous LGBTQ+ justice movements. A Black American of Tanzanian and Samoan heritage, Naya’Hri truly was born and raised in Compton, and had been living in Charlotte, NC for 12 years.

As a queer trans man who recognizes and experiences anti-Blackness in LGBTQ+ communities and homophobia and transphobia in Black and Indigenous communities, Naya’Hri works independently and with various organizations and collectives to ensure the inclusion and safety of Black LGBTQ+ people in all they access, as many of these issues are intersectional.

Currently Naya’Hri is working on founding The Dandy Spectrum; a platform for sharing the looks and stories of queer and trans Black and Indigenous people of the Dandy/Dapper/Sartorial fashion community, as well as an unamed short documentary about his story of his journey as a Black, non-binary Trans man living in the South.

The legacy that Naya’Hri would like to leave with his people is to live such a life where even when moving in silence, your power and energy are loud as hell.

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