Evan Zarius Osa


I couldn’t imagine 

this life.Transitioning. 

Living as my more authentic self.


Every day since I’ve been on HRT feels like a bonus.

Something brand new 

unformed becoming.

Evan Zarius is a Creator. Lover. Poet, Writer, Visual Storyteller, Photographer, Dreamer, Thinker. Currently learning how to draw, how to play the guitar, and how to manifest my most fruitful, abundant, fulfilling, happiest, healthiest, life.  

Getting to Know Me #1

Favorite color?The Whole Rainbow!

Gender Orientation: Non-binary trans, non-binary trans masc, Agender

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Orientation: Polyamorous 

Relationship Status: Single

Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them

Medical Transition:

I started injecting testosterone intramuscularly, a few weeks after my 31st solar return. The date was June 3, 2009. I can’t believe I’m coming up on 10 years soon! Time for a celebration. I had Top surgery March 10, 2015. Everyday Ilook at/touch my chest and I am so very grateful. Everyday.

When did you come out?
 Uh..which time! haha Coming out is never ending. At age 16, I came out as bisexual to a girl I was in love with. She didn’t believe in bisexuality so then I told her I was a lesbian because I was in love with her. But lesbian didn’t quite fit.  Ages 17 to 31 I identified as Queer. I still do but I stopped feeling queer sometime in the first few months of medical transition. In my mid-20s I came out as Bisexual which was difficult because I could hear my mother in my head talking about “I told you when you meet the right guy..blah blah blah”. But I had undeniable feelings for a man I worked with and I’m always true to my feelings/truth eventually. I came out as Polyamorous around that time. Coming out as Polyamorous was one of the most freeing things ever! I hadn’t heard of the word but I had the feelings and experiences since I was in elementary school. It was just confusing. I thought there was something wrong with the way I loved. I carried a lot of guilt in my early relationships because I didn’t know how to explain that it wasn’t about a lack of love for the person I was with, it was that when I am in love, my heart feels like it expands and I see, feel, and experience love for/with other people. As far as being trans,  I officially came out to myself as a Transexual to myself in December of 2004. I started coming out to other people from 2005 to present day. The Trans coming out was by far the hardest. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be accepted by my friends and family. I lost a couple of friends, I lost my mom and dad, a few family members were like, naw, not going to accept this, but I gained a stronger relationship with my extended family. My Aunts, Uncles, and cousins stepped in  proper to show me love and welcome me. I’m more grounded as a person and transition is THE BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. There would be no life if I hadn’t taken that step. Talk about brave. I amaze myself sometimes.

Anything else you want to share. 
Yes. My favorite poem is “Always” by Pablo Neruda 

My current favorite tv shows are Russian Doll, The Good Place

I am ridiculously proud to be Taurus born and May born. 

I’m excited/curious about the future. My present is filled with love always, dreams/wishes, hope, and faith.  

Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold



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