Devin Lowe

Video Published By SLAYTV Jan 16, 2018

Devin Lowe is a pansexual/queer, transgender man of color. During this episode, Devin reflects on his coming out story and the difficulties he faced in Texas. “If you live in your truth it’s so worth it. As much shit as you’re going to get you’re going to get so much more self assurance and self love.”

Devin’s Bio

Devin Michael Lowe is a first generation Jamaican-American, a queer man of color and person of transgender experience.

Originally from Houston, Texas, now based in NYC. Devin is an actor and media producer, creating content that highlights the lived experiences of queer, transgender & gender non-conforming folk, with a special focus on Black folks and other communities of color.

Co-founder of the Trans Filmmakers Project, Devin is part of a collective of dedicated professionals in the film and new media industry, who’s mission is to empower aspiring filmmakers of transgender experience, by providing them with the education and resources needed to develop their abilities and create their own media.

Devin is the Executive Producer on a documentary currently in production, called “Redefining Masculinity”, that focuses on masculinity from a Black trans-masculine perspective. He is both an actor and associate producer on “The Garden Left Behind” (2019) a film scheduled to debut at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Tx.

He is also currently the host of “Trans-masculine & Healthy”, a new web-series developed in partnership with Callen-Lorde and the New York City Department of Health that focuses on physical and mental healthcare for trans-masculine identified folks. 

Devin is the lead facilitator for multiple trans masculine support groups throughout New York City that focus on self-care, political education, and redefining & centering healthy masculinity. He also helps to run “Healing Through Arts”, a general TLGBQ+ support group, where folks participate in various cathartic and revolutionary art forms while learning about their impact on political movements.

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