Escaping attaching my whole identity to my sex assign at birth. Took me accepting my sex assign at birth and realizing that I am not a cisgender black man. I am a black Transgender man. And that just means I was a boy born in the biological body of a girl who grew up into a man who chose to accept help in changing my body to match me.  

   Additionally from my early childhood to adolescence I was assigned female, or male because of my gender expression. Being my physical appearance, actions, and words. While my gender identity is male because that is what I identify my feelings, actions, and words as in relation to performance of gender. I dealt with my parents feeding me there fears and false information about the mental and physical health of Transgender women and men from my middle childhood to early adulthood. 

  I begin to educate myself on sex assign at birth, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality and more. While working on my holistic health. By socially and physically transitioning, improving my conversations, reading more, working on my physical appearance, listening to motivational speakers, eating better, drinking water and leaving my parent’s home at 22. I advocated for LGBTQ youth and myself, shared knowledge, and escaped homelessness at 24.
  In conclusion I prioritize knowing and seeing myself. While the world can choose to see me as a well dressed individual and know that I am open to have respectful one-on-one conversations and group discussions that may lead to building healthy short or long platonic relationships.

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