Mentorship : Jr Legacys


Our Jr Legacy Program is designed to pair those who are newly beginning thier gender journey with someone who has some experience navigating. All Jr Legacys are paired with Legacys who have completed our Leadership Legacy training.

Many factors go into how a match is chosen. Some of those factors are similar backgrounds and interest, age, region, and personality types.

Jr Legacy Program

Junior legacies are paired with a Leadership Legacy who have completed leadership Legacy training and have committed to volunteer their time. Our Junior Legacy program is meant to provide support for both the leadership Legacy and the junior Legacy. The Junior Legacy will benefit from the Leadership Legacy’s lived experience and guidance. The Leadership Legacy will gain insight to different personalities, energies, and mindsets. Both will grow to be more well-rounded individuals. Junior legacies are not bound to the paired Legacy, they also receive support from the entire Legacy Family and have access to the junior Legacy circle. The junior Legacy circle consists of all of the junior legacies for that year. The Junior Legacy program will last from 6 months to one year. Each Leadership Legacy in our Junior Legacy Program commits to at least 10 hours a week with each assigned Junior Legacy. Leadership Legacys are only assigned one Junior Legacy at a time.

Expectations of both leadership and Junior Legacy:

Give and receive support

Respect each other’s time and capacity

To keep the other informed if changes in situations especially with respect to the mentorship relationship

To get to know one another

To have fun


Create a goal

Create a pathway for goal

Clarify expectations

Create a schedule for meets

Keep schedule meet times

If if youth give referral for children’s hospital

Make available any resources refer to Invisible Man services



Mutual respect

Listening to one another

Mutual support


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