Podcast Hightlight: A Hateful Homicide


A Hateful Homicide – Mallery Jenna Robinson

A new true crime podcast called A Hateful Homicide the podcast aired on TDOV 2021 on Anchor and Spotify.

A Hateful Homicide is a true crime podcast that covers the hate crimes and homicides of transgender, gender non-binary, and gender diverse community members throughout the United States and abroad. As a black transwoman it is so important for me to elevate our community and the voices of our community even the ones who are no longer here.

My vision is for A Hateful Homicide to continue raise the awareness of violence to the trans community, while providing visibility, because these people existed and was on this Earth once and deserve to have their stories covered just like all the other true crime podcasts that cover cis cases. 

Listen to all Episodes Here-> https://anchor.fm/ahatefulhomicide

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