Visibility Matters – Pics & Vids


April 2019 – The Fight Magazine hosts our anniversary celebration

April 2019 – the Fight MAGAZINE publishes an article WRITTEN by one of our Legacys – Gabriel

Tenacity By Gabriel Uhuru

march 2019 tran day of VISIBILITY – 3 black trans men honored by los angeles city council

A year Invisible men was launched 3 black transmen were honored in council chambers by Los Angeles City Council and the L.A. City Transgender Advisory Council. Click here for the article written by Karen Ocamb of the Los Angeles Blade.

Trans Day of Visibility – City Council Honors 3 Black Transmen

march 2019 lgbtq leadership summit


Tabling @ Breaking the chains – ending human TRAFFICKING in compton, ca

january 2019

legacy life: Devin – new friends in nyc

December 2018 – transman makes history as FIRST trans boxer to fight pro, we were there to support him and his victory! CONGRATULATIONS Patricio Manuel

december 2018

presented along with brotherhood @ nmac’s Biomedical hiv prevention CONFERENCE

november 2018

intimate conversation w/ carlisha gizelle @ in the meantime men group

august 2018

brown boi project reunion – invisible men film screening

June 2018

First Screening of Invisible Men Documentary Short

June 2018

Tabling @ Los Angeles Pride with MOM

June 2018

Tabling @ Los Angeles Trans Pride

May 2018

Presenting “Rumble Young Boi, Rumble” Workshop @ the BlaqOut Conference at UC Riverside

Uplifting the voices of black trans masculinity

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