Ally Highlight : Ryan Hope & The Hollywood Houseboys

In honor of INTERNATIONAL TRANSGENDER DAY of VISIBILITY (March 31st) the Hollyboys create an intimate forum and safe space to gain a more inclusive understanding of Transgender & Gender Non-conforming communities.

If you or someone you know may have questions, need clarity or just want to be a better Ally for Trans People – then this ALL NEW EPISODE will help break some things down!

Transgender – Education (Full Seminar Hero Sequence) Facilitated by Ms.Drian Juarez
Ryan Hope

“Actor, producer, and advocate, Ryan Hope, grew frustrated with the inequalities and injustices against the LGBTQIA community and subsequently used this as fuel to create LA’s first black queer independently produced docu-web series of it’s time to hit the internet: “Hollywood Houseboys.”

However, at the peak of documenting his life for reality television, he hit the mainstream media headlines for all the wrong reasons – when his transgender best friend and cast-member, Domonique Newburn, was brutally slain-stabbed to death in her Fontana apartment. 

5 years after Dominique’s murder Ryan has returned back to the show to honor her and the transgender community.  He has since made it his life’s work to have more accurate representation and inclusivity of the LGBTQ+  community in the media– especially with his new career at HBO!”

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