Hello to all and to those who aren’t sure it’s okay not to be classified or be given a label ; net alone needs one…NOTHING STOPS THE TRANSFERENCE…we’ve already established for decades about our uniqueness well BEFORE the internet came along.

Everyone needs to know:

My daughter is the only person I owe an understanding for who I am…completely!!…. Due to the endurance, of all my life’s difficulties most are not pretty or perfect. Being a (child raising a child) from not knowing she experienced it all with me and ALL because of me.!

So know ….

I fought for where I STAND NOW…My heart aches to help her and others to know nothing comes w/out a price. That’s why out of respect commanded to be expressed through truthfulness a positive painful openness 💔…happens

My honor extends to myself, my daughter and to the Universe…then like ALWAYS. I’ll continue to extend myself out to help people ….To the Universe I promised and will continue to share my true purpose.

To be 🙌 with a beautiful daughter who’s wonderful and courageously strong and so deserving 💖, I love and adore your spirit with all my might… I’m so blessed to have my own PEACEFUL WARRIOR..

Every step…I’ve endured and every obstacle I’ve challenged to change into positive steps has been a necessity to balance the systematic path of my life. I had to fight and endure to BREAK the CHAIN left for me to hold on too. My daughter gave me every ounce of my inner strength to BUILD a BRIDGE that many will use at all levels of communication for years to come.

So I say that to say..

The caring spirit I was 🙌 with…I use my 🙌 to help others who don’t understand the IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY…


I take care of the Elderly (IHSS/PASC) and have been for a long time (thru my growth and growing up)… so to understand my extent of my caring about life and people is extremely deeper than many people outwardly can understand, internally the UNIVERSE has 🙌 the true expression of my being….I love what’s been done to me…

…NOW THAT I HAVE FINALLY BROKE MY SILENCE….. I’m willing to accept being known as a 👣”LEGACY “👣

By accepting the 👣 Legacy 👣 statement

I’m willing to share that..yes I was born as a Woman … The context of my sex is structured to describe both (genders) in one sex. Well, I’m not ashamed to say…..GIRLY I’m not … Swagger oh yeah !!.

I’m here to open the door of acceptance for many others to live, express and to assist those who may have ??

Man…answer some of my ??’s as well!!

I’m using my PURE MOTIVATION w/ concentrated thoughts while establishing a personal understanding TOWARDS a concept to show a mentality of stability and strength in your thoughts and to have a willingness to be DIFFERENT is one of the most freeing moments you’ll reach. You have to extend your being to reach for and towards…

What are you SEARCHING FOR (🎼 by Xinobi…🎧) .. Aim towards surrounding YOUR SPACE for a WELCOMED: Different State of Truth (meaning your own ways) ….Not the world’s (his/hers stuff).; be ready to STRIVE, BREATHE and CONNECT..🥂

Peace and Love to everyone 🌈🌈 taking the time to explore…

Until the next time …….👣 Tiger 👣

Thank you for the opportunity to express the depth of ….💘 ..that embraces our LGBT Community!!!

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