Shane Ivan Nash

Shane Ivan Nash grew up as a native to Los Angeles. At a very young age, he had a good grasp of who he was and what he wanted to accomplish. It was through art and music where he expressed himself and in his very early years started playing the drums and guitar. 

Growing up, Shane knew that he was different from his family. It was during his teenage years did he realize just how different. His family was a part of The Church of Scientology, which in turn meant he either stay and ignore who he truly was or leave and be able to live his life truthfully. 

In the process of deciding all of this, he met who would turn out to be his wife. At 17 he left home and had to figure life out on his own. There were struggles none the less, years of being homeless, struggling to find jobs, moving from place to place. Even with all of this, Shane knew that he could live his truth and in turn, possibly help others in a similar situation. During this time, it was where he started to learn the ins and outs of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and the community. After all, he was truly a part of it, living it. 

Shane has been a part of the community for over ten years. Involving himself in many different avenues including the West Hollywood Pride Board, event production of the West Hollywood Pride Trans night, Transgender Day of Remembrance, cultivating the Transgender Unity Rally, the San Diego Trans Pride March, and as an Uber Spokesman for LA Pride. He has performed at both the West Hollywood and San Diego Prides, as well as been on the sets of GLEE and Amazon’s Transparent. He went on to become a DJ, broadening his love for music and sharing that energy with his community. He has been the DJ for numerous events over the past few years and was voted the best in LA by Blade Magazine. 

As of early 2018, Nash started working as a Marketing Consultant for the Fight Magazine. Being a part of this team, he has the opportunity to not only reach out and work with companies that are LGBTQA+ friendly but to most importantly, give the members of his community a voice. In addition to, the Fight, Shane has recently joined Trans Can Work. He will be involved in job outreach and training for those in need of employment, as well as assisting companies who currently have an employee(s) of trans experience with education for their workplace. 

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