Kayden Pope

Hey Everyone! I’m Kayden and I’m proud to be apart of the invisible t men family. Growing up I had many trials with my own. I grew up in a christian church that made me feel like I was meant to be someone I wasn’t. Though I still have respect for my past, I’ve discovered so much for my future. I always felt something was off. It wasn’t until I was 15 years old that I truly realized who I really am. It took those who I created in my familial circle to help me see that I can be trans and be proud. Nearly 1 year ago my life had changed. I brought upon my amazing kid who brightens my day. Being a trans guy while having a biological child pre-transition was something not many people accepted or wanted to understand. Then my son was born and right there in that moment a lady in the hospital spoke to me. She congratulated me for taking my first step into fatherhood. She then offered me resources for trans fathers who had survived the judgement of being a trans parent. At the time I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t fathom how kind she was to me. Yet now I look back and I’m grateful for the conversation we had. Now I can tell my story with many more to come. I can point out those who are supporting our community. I can’t wait to see us conquer. 

Keep Smiling, Credit the Good Ones. Kayden Pope

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