Jay Flores

Pronouns: He/ Him/ His

Wuz up y’all my name is Jay Lee Flores i’m 35 years old transgender man I’ve been on T for 12 years.Born and raise from Manhattan,New York but,currently living in Fontana ,CA.What I do for work i’m a forklift operator in a warehouse that distribute automotive parts.Soon to go back to school and study Administration Of Justice and work in a police department being a Crime Scene Investigator.I’m in a relationship with a cis male who I love very much. His name is Angel and we have a pug dog name Chubzz our son who is goofy and silly. Me and Angel been together for eight years,I never had anyone that loves me so much,cares for me and accepts me for me like Angel does.
For me it all started when I was two years old.I saw myself playing with boys toys,to climbing tree’s,doing sports like football,soccer to even dressing like the guys.I always wonder why I was different from the rest of the kids from school but,one thing I knew was to stand my ground and not let anybody bring me down.In my teens I did my research and came across the word Transgender and did not know what it mean’t but,once I read the definition it all came to me that….this is who I really am.I remember cutting my long hair off short at that age of twenty it really lift a big weight off my shoulders that I was finally becoming the man I always knew to be.During my transition I wasn’t always happy I was in between mixed emotions from being happy,to sad,depressed and even with an anger problem.I did my part as a member in our transgender community helping others giving my brothers and sisters advice how to go about transitioning,from name change and surgery.The biggest of all I’ve always done was spoke my mind when it comes to our equal rights,walk marches in the streets and let the world know that we’re human beings and that we all deserve to be treated with respect.I don’t regret one bit making this change.I have people who love and care for me and that’s all that matters.I will continue to fight the good fight and show the world that i’am who i’am and will never change for no one. I say to my brothers and sisters be you,be happy and live free.

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