Jax Damon Cage

I was born by Caesarean Anna Elisabeth Schmidt. I almost killed my mom twice. Once from the blood loss. Second, she needed a blood transfusion and at that time they didn’t screen the blood. She got blood that was tainted with Hepatitis C. I weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces when I was born. I was born on August 21st 1990 with a mental disability and was supposed to be mentally retaeded. I am the youngest of four kids. Not too long after I was diagnosed with microcephaly. I am autistic with a mild form of Asperger’s syndrome. I was a good baby but my head was small and I was late in achieving my milestones. I walked and talked late and had a few seizures from ages 2 months to 5 years of age. I didn’t play with toys. I lined them up instead. I was put in special education at the age of three and moved to inclusion classes at the age of five. At the age of eight years old I came out to my mom as transgender. I was mercilessly bullied in elementary school and high school. I knew I was always different but had to deal with all of my disabilities until finally coming out. At the age of ten I started the real life test even though at the same age I had my first menstruation. I didn’t know anything about menstruation at all and thought I was dying when it happened in the middle of the night. I did learn how to cope better as that time came again as I grew older. I grew up at the age of ten in Ellerbe Road Baptist Church but I thought the youth group was clicky so I stopped going. I was homeschooled and then went back to public school for high school. I started out in special education classes at Captain Shreve but tested in the 50th percentile in high school which is average. So I switched to Caddo Magnet. At seventeen I legally changed my name to Jesse W. Schmidt. I liked the name at the time. I later realized Jesse didn’t fit me.  I started going to transgender support groups and then finally found some friends in my two best friends who later moved out of state for school. I started hormones at the age of nineteen then at age twenty-five I legally changed my name to Jax Cage Schmidt after some characters in my favorite video game Mortal Kombat.I also had a mastectomy at the age of twenty-five. Also around the age of twenty-five I had a gastric bypass since I’ve always struggled with my weight. I lost 140 pounds but I’ve gained some of the weight back but am determined to get back into shape. It’s officially been a year since my mastectomy. I had a medically necessary hysterectomy because I had endometriosis and cysts on my ovaries. Now I’m looking forward to phalloplasty. So I’ve learned to persevere and accomplish the things I want like getting a diploma from the toughest high school in Shreveport, Louisiana Caddo Parish Magnet High School. As well as going to Bossier Parish Community College right after high school and graduating with an Associate’s degree. I’m 29 now and starting to figure out what I want in life and what I want to do.  I’ve been through a lot in my 29 years on this earth. I came out to my mom as transgender at the age of 8 and luckily even though she is religious she accepted me for me. I started hormones at the age of nineteen. Then somewhere in my 20’s I decided to go back but was kicked out by the Pastor. He said they wouldn’t accept my gender change. After I had attended a Men’s class and felt welcomed by everyone. Erik Erikson’s Intimacy vs Isolation if young adults form healthy friendships and an intimate relationship with another, intimacy will be achieved; if not isolation will occur early adulthood twenties to thirties. I have always been shy as long as I can remember and pretty much have always been isolated from others but met and became best friends with two other guys. Eventually they both moved to Atlanta, Georgia for school and now I’m back to being isolated again. So my life has been pretty hard but I’ve learned to persevere through whatever life throws at me. Even through my severe anxiety and depression. I originally thought I wanted to be a CSI tech so after graduating high school I went to Bossier Parish Community College for a Criminal Justice degree. I then realized that it would be too much math and science and I didn’t want to be a cop. So for five years I contemplated and struggled with what  I wanted to do in life. I then thought I would want to help people like me who have disabilities. So I went to Northwestern but not long into the semester my dad died in October due to pancreatic cancer. So I moved back to Shreveport and back in with my mom and decided to attend Bossier Parish Community College again and become an occupational therapist assistant. I’ve been through a lot in my twenty-nine years of life. I’ve been lucky to still have my family after coming out and have been able to have had my mastectomy.With all that I’ve had to overcome I’ve learned to persevere to dig down deep inside myself and have found out what I’m really made of to make it as far as I am in life now. Through getting kicked out of my church, the isolation I feel, the severe anxiety and depression I go through. So I am very thankful for my disabilities if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ve always had a passion for helping people and it will be awesome to be able to help people and get paid for it. A friend on facebook recently added me to a Transgender bodybuilding group and I plan on getting in shape and working out and becoming a bodybuilder. So I’ve been soul searching and realize that I really like to make YouTube videos and want to do something in the film business. I would like to one day tell my story. As well as sharing my YouTube series as a TV series or movie.I live and work here in Atlanta, GA now. I work as a Security Officer at Blackhall Studios. But I’m wanting to start a YouTube Production company. It will be run by lgbtq community mainly but cis people are welcome too. I am looking for someone to possibly write up some grants for that. As well as possibly one so I can go back to school.

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