James Blake


James is a non-binary transgender BIPOC male. He walks this life alongside his partner Kat, and their two young children. He stays busy homeschooling their kids, and heading up the outreach Trans Matters Now (TMN). TMN is an outreach serving the gender non-comforming, transgender, and non-binary communities across the US, and beyond.

James lived in the Southern United States when coming to understand himself as trans. Ultimately leading to a three year road trip, homelessness, and a fight for stability for his family. After experiencing homelessness and becoming rehoused, he searched for employment. In his efforts to find work, he applied to over 70 jobs, which only led to three interviews and one follow-up.

After researching more about transgender unemployment statistics, he discovered the overwhelming rates at which trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people experience underemployment, and unemployment.

This led to James and Kat creating an outreach for others in the community that may be experiencing the same troubles finding valid employment opportunities. Their first project, Trans Job Connect began as a community outreach, in September 2017, and is now an integral part of TMN.

Jim & Kat keep a blog about their successes and misadventures. To read more about their outreach, and life, visit: https://patreon.com/TwoTransOneVan.

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