Derrick Robinson

My name is Derrick Robinson.
Previously known as Felicia Forliti.
Have I ever felt like I was Felicia? Nope.
Since I could remember I always felt different.
Playing  with Barbie’s with my cousins and always playing with the Ken doll or playing house and saying I was the dad.  My family is an Italian family, Religious family. I already had a struggle with my Italian family accepting me being half black and a lesbian at the time. My mom was looked at as the black sheep of the family.
Causing her children to also be looked at as the black sheep of the family. I never truly wanted to come out as how I felt because I didn’t want them to label my mom as a bad mom. Ever since I could remember just with my race alone I’ve had to fight. Fight to fit in, fight the rude comments and stares fight and stand up to everyone. Not just for myself but my family. Took me until I was 28 to even come to the terms of transgender. The only reason why after all my struggles that I can finally be the person I always knew I was is because of my wife.  She takes me with my t rage, my mood swings going up and down and at times my selfishness because my transition does concentrate more .  But I am who I am and nothing will ever change that. Self made.
This is my story.

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