Armani Dae

Armani Dae | Pronouns: He/Him/His

Armani (Armani Dae)
 at 31 years old Armani is a Jamaican-American, Leo, Artist/Creator (Photographer, Painter, Actor), Author and Mentor among many other things. 

He is a creative, traveling, freelance artist born & raised in Philadelphia, PA (currently living in New York City). From photography to pouring positive energy into others Armani prides himself on creating natural, raw and uncut art work that speaks volume. His work including photography, paintings, written materials, and more always sheds light and brings awareness to many different important life aspects such as Self Love, Respect, Honesty, Equality, Transgender Rights, Community, the importance of Art and the expression of life through it. 

Growing up in the streets of Philly, he started working at age 14, which is the same time he started to experience night club life. Yes, Night club life. He came across a mass amount of people, various identities, various characters, he learned more about what the “Community ” was. He found other queer people, other creators, other people who looked like him without a care for what others thought of them. He found that he could express himself even more, entirely without limitation. He thanks the Community for that (although the mass amount of love from it lacks now, he is still grateful). 

Learning all the differences in people, places and things it helped to open him up and want to find himself and express that in many ways. He slowly began his creative and other expressions that he would later continue in life and create success from. In 2010, after receiving his associates degree in business,Armani created his photography business, while also trying to get into fashion and volunteering giving back to the youth and LGBT centers. It was a struggle at first but many saw his ambition and talent almost immediately even when he couldn’t. Fast forward to present day, after almost giving up on life, being without work, money, supportive partners, staying with friends and not wanting to stay at home with his parents feeling like a failure, traveling to different states to try again, Armani planted some roots in New York City. 

Armani found a small sense of purpose in the busy city. He had his first gallery showing in Manhattan which is a dream to many. He even included others to share in that dream by allowing them to showcase their work as well. He went on to and continues to travel to different cities and even Canada showcasing his work with hopes to travel the world with it and create his own art centers too. 

Each time Armani holds an event he does his best to make space for others to shine. Armani has never been a selfish person and continues to be selfless, creating opportunities and making room for others, uplifting and encouraging them to “do their thing” whatever that may be and work hard at it. Armani is the owner of ArmaniDae, LLC which is his variations of Art forms and events that he has turned into a business. He also co owns Hope After 20 Publications, which is a POC & LGBTQIA+ Publications service based in Philly and New York City, the company also published all of Armani’s books: WiLd series & Exposed Truth photo book. Parts of Exposed Truth photo book are being used in a Texas university’s sexuality and gender studies curriculum. 

Armani has simply lived by these words “I create my own version of beauty in this crazy world, I create conversion starters with my work and I love to hopefully inspire others, I hope my work will be appreciated even if misunderstood as I am already often misunderstood and that’s ok.”. 

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