Anon TM


I was born in Chambersburg Pa and raised in Philadelphia Pa in the fostercare system. So I can say that I have been institutionalized since I was a few months on this earth into some of my adulthood. I never met my biological parents and til this day I have no family ties to who I am on either sides of the family. So along with not knowing who I come from and struggling with my gender identity/sexuality since I was 11 years old my life has never been a walk in the park or made definite sense. Growing up I always seen and felt as if I was one of the guys until I was abruptly hit puberty and biology that set me into a dark depression. My first attempt of suicide was at age 11 and my last attempt back in 2015 age of 22. Once I got through that I promised myself to live on and be somebody for myself. My journey began at age 19 I started my hormones and never looked back. I’m here for a reason and purpose. I am a black man of trans experience and here to help where I can to educate and mentor others

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