Anniversary Legacy: Jovan Wolf Binarao Salagan

Jovan Wolf Binarao – Salagan is a Blasian activist, designer and business owner. He/They identifies as a Trans, gender non-conforming, masculine of centered spirit. Jovan spends his working life involved with multiple trans/queer organizations such as Gender Justice Los Angeles, TransCanWork, FLUX and Project Q. The main goal of being affiliated with these organizations is to ultimately empower, celebrate, commune, and bring visibility, to our powerful QTPOC community. Jovan also has a life project called Jovan Wolf. Jovan Wolf is an evolving leather lifestyle fashion label. The Jovan Wolf label strives to create opportunities within the QTPOC community by offering employment, skill sharing, and visibility through modeling and campaigns. 
If you want to know more about Jovan Wolf Binarao-Salagan then keep reading. He is a triple Fire sign. Leo Sun (cusp of Cancer), Aries Moon, and Sagittarius Rising.  Laughter, humble spirits, family and Ride or Die friendships are core to their survival. He strives to be grounded, humble and open to learning from past and present misgivings. He thinks deeply about the state of our toxic world and believes firmly that it must be constantly challenged and ultimately dismantled and rebuilt with clear intentions of unity and acceptance. 


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