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This platform has been created for Transmen of all walks of life to share their own narratives in their own words. Transmen and Non Binary transmasculine folks of color are unapologetically centered. This space is designed as a platform  to explore Transmasculine visibility and how we are seen or not, within the community and the world ; to main stream society we are almost nonexistent.

Transmen lack resources because of the lack of visibility. Transmen need these spaces to be able to discuss issues, needs, support. We aim to identify and create resources that include emotional support, medical, and mental health among others.


Here you will get a glimpse into the world of transmen and Non Binary transmasculine individuals from all around the world. Legacys share their stories and lives with the world and finally be seen. Allies, friends, families, and folks just curious  will be able to see, hear, and read about the resilience and resourcefulness some our Legacys have had to learn on their own and the ways in which they have had to navigate the world as a Transman of color and all the inter-sectional pieces that lie in between.

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Transmasc People & HIV Prevention

Prevention noun pre·ven·tion/prəˈven(t)SH(ə)n/ Definition of prevention the action of stopping something from happening or arising. As I move into 2022 my work has taken me deeper and deeper into the realm of HIV work and what that looks like for our transmasc community. The frustration and irritation I have experienced when when I pose the question … Continue reading Transmasc People & HIV Prevention

Violence & Transmasc Folks

noun vi·o·lence/ˈvī(ə)ləns/ behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Let’s talk about violence and the ways in which transmasc folks experience this. We are notmagically immune to it. Violence may show up in many forms: verbal, emotional, spiritual,financial, physical violence, sexual violence, intentional deception, name-calling, stalking,gas-lighting, smear campaigns on … Continue reading Violence & Transmasc Folks

HIV: Precieved Risk vs Actual Risk

risk noun\ ˈrisk  \ Definition of risk in a state or condition marked by a high level of risk or susceptibility ie. patients at risk of infection Let’s really have a real conversation about transmasculine individuals and sex. For so long transmen and transmasculine people have been left out of many important conversations within the HIV and AIDS area. Why? … Continue reading HIV: Precieved Risk vs Actual Risk

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